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Lease Options Made Simple Investor Handbook – eBook

The Lease Options Investor Handbook in digital download. Some say we are giving too much away, but we firmly believe this Lease Options Handbook contains vital, fun and useful information for any investor with a passion for investing in property. We are pleased to share more than thirty years of experience using lease options.

Will You Want a Copy?

Here are some facts which may help you decide -

1. Investing in this lease options education is not going to break the bank, and that's important. We've kept the Lease Options Investor Handbook affordable because we feel you should be able to benefit from the power of property options. Of course, we hope some of you will want to work with us after you've read your copy, and the Lease Options Investor Handbook will allow you to see the depth of our experience, and our honest, straightforward and practical  approach to investing in property using lease options.

2. This information will seriously short-cut your learning curve and help you avoid costly and painful mistakes. We are talking about a book which took us more than 30 years to write! Imagine having over 40,000 words of up to the minute skill-sharing, system-setting and down-to-earth practical advice to refer to time and again. We have thoughtfully distilled our best ideas, honest advice and simple short-cuts into the Lease Options Investor Handbook. Please remember this: We don't simply teach lease options - we use them!

3. It's focused on results. Why should you pay out £3,000 for a course you may never use? The Lease Options Investor Handbook contains sensible, real and relevant information that you can have working for you today.

4. This book contains what you should know about property lease options. We'd even go so far as to say that once you've read what's here, you may never quite feel the same about property investing again.

"For a comprehensive guide on the use of Lease Options on property, this book is a vital ingredient to ensure success.”

Kevin Green, Social Entrepreneur

What You will Discover in the Lease Options Investor Handbook

  • Solid and sensible strategies for property investment.
  • How you can avoid the biggest pitfalls in options investing.
  • Case studies of real deals you can get your teeth into.
  • How you can create high impact marketing on a shoestring budget. We are talking ugly but simple marketing that will get the phone ringing.
  • The real, inside and dirty truth about "sandwich options".
  • Ethical and fair tactics and techniques that allow sellers to take positive action.
  • Essential information on UK legal issues – to make sure your option sticks.
  • As a heartfelt thank you for trusting us, when you decide to invest in your lease option education, we'll give you our Lease Options Jump-Start Kit (worth £97) at NO COST to you!

What's does the Lease Options Jump-Start Kit include?

  • Our "at-a-glance" property option chart helping you decide which one to use. Right strategy, no headaches.
  • A special report created for tenant buyers, helping them see the benefits of Rent to Buy.
  • Downloadable eCourse revealing how you can find motivated sellers easily.
  • Shockingly effective marketing examples.
  • An investor check-list which takes you through the deal creation process from the first call to the viewing. This is essential, confidence-building information.
  • A comprehensive "Heads of Terms" template you can use for your lease option deals.
  • A proposal form ready for your figures when you make your lease options offer.
  • A powerful purchase option agreement you can use to lock in a discounted purchase price and protect your profit.
  • A free report on how to avoid the serious pitfalls and mistakes many lease option investors make. Why get caught out?

"Wendy and Mark, your new book finally reveals the secrets of your success so that anyone can make money by investing in property without using their own cash or credit! I loved the step by step advice including how to go way beyond simple lease options with the advanced strategies you've developed.

If you're looking to get into property investing, or maybe you’re just curious to see how ordinary people are becoming rather wealthy using Mark and Wendy’s ideas, get this book Now!"

Peter Conti Co-Author of "Commercial Real Estate Investing for Dummies"

If you are serious about lease options investing, just tickle "Add to Cart" now.


Price: £19.97


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