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Lease Option Property For Sale! Are You Buying?

Lease Option Property For Sale… Are You Buying Lease Option Deals?

…if you are keen to get your portfolio growing and would welcome a chance to adopt a profitable 3 bed family home on a lease option – why not come and take a look in Manchester this Thursday afternoon… and meet a couple of us there?

We are arranging a clean up of a large 3 bed family home after some long-term tenants recently left. We’re looking for an investor who fancies taking a lease option on a property that pays £350 per month after mortgage costs. Healthy cashflow.

So if Thursday works for you, come look around and chat to us about terms.

If you can’t make it in person Thursday, but want to buy lease option deals, get in touch anyway. We can add you to our exclusive, closed list of serious lease option deal investors. We can share the inside story on this one too.

Who knows, this one, which needs some tlc and a tidy, could really take your fancy.

We are serious about lease option property. If you are too, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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Lease Option Deals? We Don’t Sell Sizzle…

They say ‘sizzle sells’… but who really wants to buy it? After all, sizzle sounds sexy, but it’s quickly silenced by reality. It just doesn’t last and that’s why at Lease Options Made Simple we don’t sell it. When it comes to lease option deals we never broadcast or spam. We believe that lease option property should be offered discretely. That’s why we prefer match-making. It’s quieter. When you’ve really got something to offer, there’s no need to shout – a whisper works better.

Lease Option Property Deals – From Individual Homes to Portfolios

We are looking to expand our small circle of lease option property buyers in view of our ongoing success in sourcing new deals. Because we limit the number of investors we work with in this way, we’d like to invite you to respond if you are interested in growing your lease option property portfolio. Only those who have available funds to invest, already have at least 1 buy to let investment property and understand how lease options work will be considered to become part of our exclusive deals circle. You also need to be an action taker and willing to buy reasonably quickly if what we offer you is of interest.

Lease Option Opportunities? How We Share Them…

Would you like to be one of the small number of investors with whom we currently share exclusive notifications of new lease option deals? It’s important to note that we never broadcast deals to a wide audience, and neither do we post them on Facebook or a web-site. We prefer to ‘match-make.’ We will pair the opportunity with the criteria you have set and then offer it to you discretely.
These are deals that we have sourced, negotiated and secured. You run your own due diligence, view the property and then literally step in.

An Invitation to Receive Targeted Lease Option Deals

If securing lease option deals is of interest to you, we’d like to hear from you. Please just work through the two steps below and we will come back to you within 24 hours of your contact email.
1. Let us know a little about you by email so we can get a feel for how you work and the sort of properties you are looking for. Please contact Iain at
2. We’ll agree a time when we can chat and get to know you better.
You’ll understand that our system works so well for us because we are selective and only engage with serious action-takers. We limit the number of investors we work with. That ensures best use of precious time all round, so please don’t be disappointed if after chatting we decide not to invite you to join our lease option property match-making service.
If this sounds good to you and will help you move in the right direction, get in touch. Our goal is to provide you with genuine, exclusive lease option property opportunities, which you will not find anywhere else.
They say sizzle sells, but we don’t offer it. If, however, you are looking for quality lease option deals on an exclusive and ‘straight to your personal inbox’ basis, get in touch today.

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Lease Option Property Portfolio Sale – A Real Case Study

A landlord with a problem property portfolio was not enjoying the rollercoaster ride. She came to us for help recently. Having heard of us through other investors she looked us up through Google. Although understandably a little cautious initially she soon opened up.

She had bought 4 properties during the boom, but had been struggling to cope for some time and had now reached breaking point both financially and emotionally. Although she had approached property with the very best of intentions, sadly her inexperience and a tendency to put off resolving important issues had allowed the situation to become serious.

A desire to sell the property portfolio was thwarted by a cocktail of negative equity, mortgage arrears and the poor condition of the properties generally. The following challenges were in serious need of attention when she came to us – a little bit a case of the bad, the bad, and the ugly:

Problem Property 1: Vacant and in substantial negative equity. Mortgage arrears had triggered possession proceedings with the hearing set for just a week away. This problem property was in need of a new boiler and some light refurbishment to attract a tenant.

Problem Property 2: This one was tenanted, but because of high service charge arrears another court case was rumbling on with the added threat of forfeiture.

Problem Property 3: Vacant and sad.

Problem Property 4: Tenanted but unloved and sporting a major issue with rent arrears.

Left alone the landlord was a step away from seeing her problem property portfolio push her over the edge. She faced losing property number 1 imminently, leaving a shortfall she would have no hope of covering and the unpleasant prospect of bankruptcy. The rest of the problem properties were gaining momentum downhill fast, with a negative cashflow of £1,150 a month.

How A Lease Option Solution Helped Transform a Problem Property Portfolio

As soon as we were confident we were able to help and our strategy for the problem property portfolio was clear and agreed, we put in place a managed lease option for each of the 4 properties and started giving the portfolio the attention it needed.

Problem Property Number 1: We started negotiations with the lender immediately and attended the court hearing as an interested party. The landlord was delighted to learn after the hearing that we had stopped the repossession – she wasn’t able to attend personally  Monthly mortgage payments were made regularly, stabilising the situation and with a new boiler came excellent, long term tenants.

Problem Property number 2: We made service charge payments and negotiated the position with the landlord to protect the property from forfeiture and supported the investor through court proceedings.

Problem Property number 3: This little gem is no longer vacant and sad, but has new and settled tenants.

Problem Property number 4: Now sports paying tenants

Still a Problem Property Portfolio?

Things are much better. Rather than being a case of the Bad, the Bad and the Ugly, we now have 4 paying tenants and no outstanding maintenance issues. Four problem properties in a negative cashflow situation are now cashflow positive, a situation which continues to improve.

For us, most importantly, we have a landlord who in 4 months has moved from living in constant fear of what was about to happen to someone happy, relaxed and secure in a new full time job which satisfies, without the awful threat of bankruptcy hanging over her. She has often expressed her appreciation, confident that her four problem properties are now in safe hands.

Are you Dealing with a Problem Property Portfolio?

Do you know a landlord who is going through something similar?  Then please contact us today for a confidential no-obligation property portfolio review. We just love to solve problem property portfolios.

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Tired Landlords Experience Relief

Lease options let tired landlords experience relief…

…Jill is a lady with a passion for life, and a previous penchant for property. ‘Previous,’ because owning a residential property portfolio did not bring Jill the joy she’d been told to expect. For her, property proved to be a trial and terror rather than a ticket to financial freedom. Let’s take a quick look at Jill’s experience, and see if you can identify with her plight.

Landlords’ Expectations Unmet

What moves somebody to invest in property in the UK? Well – there are a number of possible reasons. Let’s list some of the more obvious ones:

  1. As a pension
  2. To ‘sack the boss’, lose the day-job and get rich
  3. Fear of poverty

With property, however good and strong the motivation at the start, things can turn sour, like fresh milk left too long in the sun.

Landlords’ expectations often remain unmet because of the tendency to underestimate the focus and time needed to make a property portfolio perform and pay. That was the problem Jill had. Property is demanding, like a cuckoo chick in a sparrows’ nest.

Making a property portfolio pay is even more challenging if it is treated as a bolt-on. Of course, when a landlord sees expected rental profit evapourate because of needed repairs or troublesome tenants it’s easy to become disheartened. This disappointment dents the spirit and brings on ‘folio fatigue’ which often leads to a downward spiral and to doing nothing. Doing nothing, when tenants and problems need something, is the thin end of a big wedge for a tired landlord.

If Relief Sounds Exciting – Get in Touch

Jill, mentioned earlier, had got to the point where two of the four properties in her portfolio were in a poor state, with no rent coming in and large mortgages to pay. With arrears growing, court action given a date and her life on hold, her heart had simply dropped out of lettings. She was tired.

However, within the space of two weeks everything changed. A long-term managed lease option agreement with us allowed her to move on with her life. Jill got the relief she was looking for, the repossession was stopped and the arrears are now dealt with. Needed works, including a new heating system, have been carried out at tired homes and new tenants are settled and happy. Jill has the peace of mind that the mortgage will be paid whatever happens.

As for Jill, well she is now pursuing a career that brings her real satisfaction, without the burden of a property portfolio turned sour. Her passion for life is back. Is that something that appeals to you?

If you are experiencing similar challenges with your portfolio, please feel free to contact us. We will be pleased to hear from you, and will be happy to discuss a range of options available to you, confidentially and without obligation. Now there’s a relief for tired landlords.

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Selling a Property Portfolio – a Better Solution?

…Let’s face it… some residential property portfolios are pretty ugly. In fact, they are so ugly a bit of plastic surgery simply won’t cut it. A facelift won’t help if the appendix has burst. Sometimes, serious surgical attention is needed. That’s where we hope we can help you.

Would You Sell Your Property Portfolio if You Could?

It may be that you find yourself with an ‘ugly’ property portfolio and it’s just time to sell. What was once an attractive idea later turned ugly. You realised that residential property wasn’t going to remain the love of your life. So, you’ve decided it’s time to sell your property portfolio. What next?

Well, you face a few important questions:

What options are open to you?
What would be your next best step?
How will you know if a potential solution is the best one for you?

Selling a Property Portfolio – What Options are Open to You?

Many of the investors and property portfolio owners we talk to can’t sell in the traditional way, for some or (sometimes) all of the following reasons:

  1. The property portfolio is in negative equity
  2. The portfolio is cash-flow negative
  3. There is not sufficient equity to allow for a discounted, forced fast sale, and the bank is planning to repossess because of arrears
  4. The portfolio is not attractive because of a large number of empty properties or troublesome tenants
  5. The properties are in a poor state of repair
  6. A sale of the whole portfolio would result in a tax liability which makes the sale unviable

Faced with this, it might seem impossible to move on. However, consider other options open to you:

  1. Sell at a loss and walk away (ouch)
  2. Offer the individual properties to existing tenants on a rent to buy contract
  3. Find a company that will work with you on a guaranteed rent basis (check the small print!)
  4. Sell the property portfolio to an experienced investor using a Managed Lease Option Arrangement

What Would Be Your Next Best Step?

If you are feeling the pain of a property portfolio turned ugly, don’t suffer in silence. Drop us a line, either using the chat facility if you are visiting our site in office hours, or by using the contact us form here. We’ll get back to you straight away and will arrange a convenient time for a confidential chat.

Are you thinking that you would rather not sell your property portfolio? We may still be able to help at no cost to you. Let’s call it our complementary property portfolio surgery. The important thing is to take the best step and talk to us.

If your decision is to sell your property portfolio, we will produce a full personal and confidential proposal for you to consider, based on your needs. If you like it, we can move at a pace to suit you.

How Will You Know if a Potential Solution is the Best One for You?

It must fit your needs. It must make you feel confident and secure. It must allow you to move on and do in life what you want to do. It must address the challenges you face squarely.

Managed lease options can give freedom and relief from a painful property portfolio and especially when a more traditional sale is not viable. The experience our team can bring to the portfolio can turn it around giving you peace of mind and allowing you a fresh start.

When it comes to the sale of your property portfolio, whether it’s plastic surgery or something a little more serious, why not contact us today?

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