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Lease Option Property Experts Mark Jackson and Wendy Patton – About Us

Mark Jackson – UK Lease Option Expert and Educator

Mark Jackson Property Lease Options ExpertMark Jackson is a prolific lease option expert and property investor, educator and author. Having enjoyed outstanding success in the UK using property lease options he founded Lease Options Made Simple with Wendy Patton, the leading US lease option property expert.

Let’s invite Mark to share a little about his story:

My Love of Property Investing – Before Lease Options

“I fell in love with property at the tender age of seven. It was then my parents bought our first family home in green and beautiful Wales, which we renovated and later sold. When I was 14, we bought a heavily wooded plot of land and lived in a caravan for two years as we built our family home from scratch. The whole experience taught me some important lessons about life, including the truth that, over time, property can be a great way to invest and create wealth.

After ten years of voluntary work in poorer countries, I was determined to become financially independent after returning to the UK. My dream of investing in property had never left me and so I set about learning how to acquire a portfolio of investment property without money. You see, at that time, I had no credit history and no cash.

Lease Options and My Investing Journey

In 2006 we completed a purchase of the tiny flat we were renting in North Yorkshire with the help of a property option. Following that success I started investing in property using lease options with other investors and home-owners. The problem-solving power of property lease options fascinated me. I loved structuring property options and negotiating fair contracts. It was a fantastic way of solving problems for motivated sellers, and create income. Lease options and lease option property had liberated me from being stuck in a rut and years of struggle trying to make ends meet. Now I no longer need to work, but do want to share that success.

Creating Lease Options Made Simple – Two Property Option Experts

It was in 2009 that interest in lease options property investing in the UK increased dramatically and Wendy Patton and I started to discuss the possibility of us working together. Her rich investing experience and her refreshing, transparent and ethical approach to the whole question of lease option property investing appealed to me. We created Lease Options Made Simple and thoroughly enjoy working together, helping other property investors succeed with UK lease options.”

Involved in public speaking since the age of fifteen Mark Jackson is passionate about imparting understanding simply. Recognised as an authority on using property lease options in the UK safely, profitably and ethically, he is pleased to advise and work alongside a number of respected companies, such as the innovative Hedge Capital Options and New Options Housing. Mark immensely enjoys sharing in the success of his lease option students, providing lease option training, mentoring and expert education, including the comprehensive home-study course, Lease Options Made Simple and the Lease Options Investor Handbook, the first book of its kind and highly recommended for the lease option investor.

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Wendy Patton – US Property Lease Option Expert and Trainer

Wendy Patton - Lease Options TrainerWendy Patton started investing in property when she was just 21 years old. Like most young adults she was single, broke, thinking “corporate America” was her only future. Wendy graduated from college, was hired for that corporate America “dream job”, but was $20,000 in debt. She found property investing and realized that Corporate America wasn’t the golden path to what she wanted. When Wendy began investing in property, she didn’t fully understand her financing options, so she started buying investment properties using her credit cards.

Let’s invite Wendy to share the rest of her story:

“At that time I didn’t know of any better way to invest. I didn’t have the assistance or availability of coaches and instructors. I wish I knew then, what I know now about investing in property and creative seller financing.

By the time I was in my early twenties, I had more than $200,000 on my credit cards! I then got married, had twins and found myself to be a single mother, all within a short time span. Over the next few years I accumulated more properties while working full-time in the corporate world. Imagine how happy my young twins were to be able to view hundreds of properties with me…

I needed to make a living, and make it fast to pay off the credit card debt I had accumulated. I came to specialize in creative seller financing techniques like: lease options, subject to deals, land contracts and seller financing. Why these techniques? Because like many of you, I didn’t have the money or the credit I needed to buy in a conventional way.  Now, with the lending industry the way that it is, many property investors can’t buy property without using advanced strategies. These techniques are crucial for today’s property investor.

I enjoy teaching and sharing with audiences all over the US, and recently in the UK, and have taught tens of thousands on how to invest in property with little or no money out of their pocket. Investing in property is my passion, and I love helping others to achieve financial freedom through property.”

Wendy Patton has been in HGTV “My House is Worth What?”, and is the author of four property lease option books in the US and co-author of one in the UK, Lease Options Made Simple. These clearly teach how to succeed with advanced buying strategies such as property lease options.

15 Responses to Lease Option Property Experts Mark Jackson and Wendy Patton – About Us

  1. Joycelyn says:

    Great site Mark, congratulations.

  2. Simon David says:

    It is really interesting to read both of your backgrounds and what inspired you to get involved with Lease Options. I find it fascinating that you had such different experiences with property investing before finding Lease Options. Thank you for sharing your stories.

  3. Kelly Watson says:

    Mark, it is so inspiring to read your story and how you came to learn about lease options yourself and how you came to work with Wendy Patton. I am a budding lease options property investor myself and hope to be able to emulate your successes by following your lease option methods.

  4. Mark Gray says:

    I have to say Mark your’s and Wendy’s story really are great for lease options investors like myself to read. It really feels like we know you by reading your stories, blogs and articles.

    Perhaps one day I will get to meet you in person at a property event.

    Best wishes

    Mark Gray

  5. Kim Reynolds says:

    Learning about you and Wendy has been really interesting Mark and is an inspiration to lease option investor like myself.

    Hope to meet at a property event in the future.


  6. Ben says:

    Really inspiring stories how you both began your lease option adventures.

    Is it really possible to grow a portfolio without much cash? I have saved £2500 but hope to be able do something meaningful with it. Perhaps lease options would provide the freedom I want.


  7. Jahan Priaat says:

    Hi Mark and Wendy,

    Really inspiring stories on your ‘about us’ page.

    I am just starting my journey with lease options but I will be sure to keep you updated as I go!

    Many thanks


  8. Mandy Priestland says:

    What great stories you both have about your beginnings in lease options. Really interesting to hear about your passion for property and lease options in particularly.

  9. Efi Kolo Mbana says:

    Wow learning lease options really paid off for you both. I am living in the UK now and do not have any credit history to be able to buy property. I think lease options provide freedom for so many people that perhaps this is the best way for me to get on the property ladder also. Really useful site thanks for sharing your lease option experiences.


    • Mithat says:

      I, like Efi, have not lived in UK for long time. I have little credit history and unable to get a mortgage right now. Lease options look like a great way for me to get underway as a property investor.

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  11. Shane Johnson says:

    Great introduction to your passion and I feel it really helps to learn more about yourself and Wendy. I am looking at Lease Options in a totally different light now – thank you.

    • Nicola Rosella says:

      I completely agree with Shane. Learning about your passions for lease options allows me to understand my passion better. I really enjoy this website and its content. Please keep up the great work.

  12. Abdul Wahid Barlak says:

    I am fascinated by your story Mark and would like to learn more about lease options. I know your a busy man but would it be possible to meet or are you attending or speaking at any property events in the near future?

  13. Janet Fisher says:

    Hi Mark and Wendy,

    Your stories are inspirational yet so different. I was recommended to this site by a friend you both know very well and I am glad I took the time to look through. I have never thought about investing in property but I am at a point in my life where I want the financial freedom to give up teaching now and spend more time with loved ones. Perhaps lease options may provide my answer.

    Best wishes


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