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Property Lease Options Investing: What Are Lease Options and Rent to Buy?

Lease options (or property lease options) investing and ‘Rent to Buy‘ are powerful property investment strategies which give control without ownership and wealth without debt. We want to help you master and learn lease options and to develop the property lease options skills you need to succeed. Our site is brimming with reliable information, lease option training, resources and articles on how to safely and profitably invest using lease options.

‘Rent to Buy’ (or ‘Rent to Own’) is quickly becoming a popular strategy amongst would-be home-buyers as well as investors, and you can also discover valuable advice on rent to buy in our blog and a dedicated rent to buy section, with much more to follow. A warm welcome to the world of property lease options.

Curious about the Power of a Lease Option?

If you are curious about lease options, you have come to the right place. We have a wealth of lease option experience and are sure you too can benefit from the power unlocked by a lease option.

Before you read any further it may be good to pause and consider what brings you to Lease Options Made Simple. Ask yourself, “What am I hoping to discover here?” No doubt, you want to know how to invest in property using lease options avoiding the potential pitfalls. Are you one of the many investors frustrated with a lack of mortgage finance. Using a lease option skilfully is key to controlling property without the burden of ownership. Imagine knowing how to ‘buy’ property without a mortgage, a huge deposit or personal finance! Well, that is exactly what lease options can do for you. By learning lease options you will discover how to create cashflow now and secure your future financial freedom.

Investing in property need not be a dream, it is perfectly possible for you whatever your current situation. You simply need to harness the power and magic of property lease options. Of course, property investing means a considerable measure of hard work, so be prepared! Lease options are not a ‘get rich quick scheme’.

Lease Options – Why the Growing Interest?

It’s no secret that the phrase “lease option” is creating quite a buzz, and becoming ever more popular as a way to invest in or secure property for your own use. Investors and home-buyers want to know about property lease options. Why? What makes so many serious investors search for lease option training from experienced property option experts? Here are four top reasons:

Lease Options Give Control of Property – Without the Burden of Ownership

  • A lease option can enable you to generate a monthly income from property you babysit but don’t own.
  • Lease options are wealth creators, since they funnel capital growth to benefit you.
  • Used well lease options are a near perfect property investment strategy since you don’t need huge resources to get started.

A Lease Option Can Solve a Stubborn Property Problem

  • The problem-solving power of a lease option is in its flexibility.
  • News about your lease option approach to property problems spreads like wildfire, resulting in huge referral business.
  • Because property lease options revolve around people, you get personal satisfaction in providing solutions.
  • As a professional property problem solver your skill is in high demand, people are willing to pay for your lease option skill.

Sell Investment Property with Rent to Buy for the Best Price

  • Rent to Buy is a solid, simple lease option strategy which works well even in slow markets.
  • Rent to Buy attracts serious, committed, responsible tenants with a home-owner mentality – a refreshing change!
  • Rent to Buy maximises your cashflow and can turn an ailing property portfolio right around.

Own Your Dream Home Using Rent to Buy

  • Rent to Buy allows you to rent now and buy when you are ready.
  • Rent to Buy gives flexibility in choosing the best finance at the best rate at the best time, you rent until you own.
  • Rent to Buy allows you to avoid hefty fees associated with a more conventional purchase.

Lease Option Property and Your Personal Wealth

If you’re here because you understand that property investment can create wealth, then we warmly encourage you not to rush away. Spend a little time with us. You will discover exciting insights and gain vital experience about lease option investing and avoid the cost of the painful mistakes we have made. There should be profit and fun in lease options.

Armed with reliable, simple and practical lease option know-how you will have the confidence to use these investing strategies with skill. Much of what you’ll learn here is specifically for the UK property investor, but you will benefit by applying the principles discussed wherever you are from.

Lease Options Made Simple and You

At Lease Options Made Simple we want to help you stay ahead. That’s why we are sharing our experience and expertise. We’d also love to hear about your success, so please tell us about what you are doing, and what you need from us to move forwards. There are many resources here don’t be shy about visiting our shop, where you will find our Lease Options Investor Handbook, hot off the press.

Property Lease Options Blog

Get bite-size, fun and informative snippets of property option expertise here. We warmly invite you to add your comments, questions and thoughts.

Property Lease Options Events

Wendy and I are not planning any more Lease Option events in 2012 – but want to focus much more on doing the business and helping our students succeed. Now is such a good time to be growing a profitable portfolio!

Learn Lease Options

If you’d like to work with us, we are here to help. Get ready for an enjoyable, enriching and fascinating lease option journey! Don’t forget your copy of the Lease Option Investor Handbook!

P.S. We’d be delighted to add your feedback to our site – why not comment below?

P.P.S. If you like what you see, please consider giving a Facebook ‘thumbs up’ for property lease options!

155 Responses to Property Lease Options Investing: What Are Lease Options and Rent to Buy?

  1. Zelma says:

    Hi Mark,

    I really wanted to say thank you for your help with that rent to buy in Sussex recently. You really helped me put that together and the seller has agreed to my proposal. Massively appreciate your time and help. Rent to buy has opened up a whole new world for me and my family.

    I’d like to say if anyone else is thinking about rent to buy – talk to lease options first! Saved me from a ton of silly mistakes.

  2. Niel Thompson says:

    Love this site. It’s awesome and fantabulous for lease options… but can we see some new posts?

    Very interested in buying some deals from you people. Can you send me details of any packaged lease option deals you have?


  3. Alison Brooks says:

    Wow! this is no lease options site… it’s a gold mine. Been putting into action your tips and had huge success. Got 5 leads from recent leaflet drop of just 500 ! Followed your recipe.

    I want to say love your book too. Full of advice that really hits the spot. Loved the sniffer dog sourcing!

  4. Arnold says:

    I think this is among the most significant info for me I have read on property acquisition in the UK. I have lived in Birmingham for 8 years having moved from Austria and have been looking at ways of acquiring property for some time. Lease options seem to offer everything I need. I have bought your book which I am halfway through and look forward to talking in the future I hope.


  5. Michael Carmichael says:

    Hi Mark,

    This is a great introduction to lease options and exactly what I hoping to learn when I landed on your site. It is completely relevant to the property investing market place particularly given the difficulties in securing BTL mortgages. I have a number of sellers who would benefit from this strategy and I think I now know how I can best frame it to them to get the result I want.

    Thanks so much.

    M Carmichael, Leeds

  6. Peter says:

    Very useful site with lots of powerful information. I am what many may call a traditional buy to let investor. Historically I would buy a property below market value, pull out as much cash I could on BTL remortgages and then go again on another property. The problem of course I am having is the values are not appreciating anywhere near what they used to years ago and I cannot get the cash out of these places that I want. Lease options seem to offer the opportunity to continue acquiring property when my mortgageability is so limited.

    I am sure I will be visiting again very soon.

    All the best,


  7. Brenda says:


    Great introduction to lease options and their uses in the UK market place.

  8. Edith says:

    This is a great lease options website. Full of useful information and resources. Thank you

  9. Karen Jones says:

    Great Lease Options site Mark. Well done!

  10. Danielle Humbert says:

    Hi Mark,

    I just wanted to say a big thank you for the information on Lease Options that you provide here on your site. My husband and I have been property investors for some time using traditional mortgages but we hit a ceiling on our finances even when we wanted to keep acquiring new property. Lease Options has given us a new way of thinking and perhaps a new way of continuing to build our portfolio even when lenders consider us to have enough mortgages already!

    Best wishes

    Danielle and Andy

  11. Miles Chambers says:

    Really exciting Lease Options website Mark, packed full of information and resources. I look forward to trawling through the blogs and learning more about Lease Options.


  12. Jeremy says:

    This is a really excellent Lease Options website. I have attended a few courses but they haven’t really been useful for me. I hope to discover what I want to know here so I can start my Lease Options property adventure.

  13. tony mccokey says:

    thinking of geting 19 lease oppsions

  14. Darren Leroy says:

    Hi Mark,

    Excellent Lease Options website. The material is really helpful and simple to follow.

    Best wishes


  15. Christian says:

    Hi Mark and Wendy.

    What a fantastic site. You have really provided a lot of information about Lease Options and for investors like me who are not so experienced it is absolutely invaluable.

    Thank you.


    • Mark Jackson says:

      Hi Christian,

      Thank you for your comment, it is really appreciated. We always do our best to support investors on their journey.

      If there is anything more we can do please do not hesitate to let us know.

      Warm regards

      Mark J

  16. Thomas says:


    I have a property that I want to sell but I am struggling to get a result through an estate agent. I would be more than happy to look at a lease option but I need to understand a bit better how it would work for me. Do you think you could help me?


  17. Mark says:

    I am seriously looking at the lease option and have seen a couple of properties with good returns, with hopefully tenant buyers in situ, but the issue I have is the upfront fees and how to finance this part of the deals.

    Any ideas would be appreciated

    Many thanks


    • Mark Jackson says:

      Hi Mark,
      A joint venture might be a good route for you to take if you do not have the necessary funds to finance a Lease Option deal. I will ask a member of my team to contact you to discuss the properties further. I may be in a position to assist you.
      Warm regards,

  18. Robert James says:

    This is an excellent Lease Options website. I have been working with a business partner on understanding this type of property transaction for some time and this is the best website I have come across by some distance.

    We hope to be able to work with you on some of the deals we are finding soon.



  19. Michael Jansen says:

    This is an exciting website Mark and Wendy. Lease Options seem to have their critics at the moment but I can see how they are so effective and I am atracted to this type of property investment.

  20. Maria Beike says:


    What a fantastic Lease Options resource we have with this website. I have been interested in property investing for a while but the information on your site has taken everything to a new level. I have just bought your Lease Options eBook and cannot wait to get stuck in.

    • Mark Jackson says:

      Hi Maria,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on our website. I would be delighted if you could give us some feedback on the Lease Options eBook when you have read it through.

      Look forward to hearing from you.


  21. Franchesca says:

    I am Franchesca and I have come to UK from Latvia. I worked here for 2 years but am still struggling to get finance to buy house. My husband and I are still renting with children but have researched lease options and can see how could get a house for ourselves and start property business without need to get mortgage from the beginning. Thank you for information you have provided on Lease Options. I am going to discuss things with my husband perhaps will look at your products for more information also.

    • Mark Jackson says:

      Hi Franchesca,

      Great to hear from you. It can be difficult starting a fresh in another country but Lease Options can provide everything you want right now.

      Why not check out our eBook You will find more information on sourcing and securing Rent to Buy opportunities which may help you.

      Best wishes


  22. Kevin Hart says:

    I was chatting to some friends at a property networking event recently and your name and website were mentioned. I am completely new to property and I am finding it hard to follow the traditional route of mortgaging, waiting, remortgaging, buying again etc. It has taken me 7 years to get 3 properties in my portfolio and my goal is to replace my income with property earnings ASAP. Lease Options seems to be a method that could help. Little or no deposit, no need initially to get a mortgage etc. Seems too good to be true but I know it is true. I am going to invest in your book and see where we go from there. Best wishes. Kev

  23. Debbie Maguire says:

    Hi there I’ve been reading your blogs for some time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Austin Texas, USA! as you know working with Wendy, Lease Options are a popular method here in the States to buy property but it seems not so common in England which I find interesting. I am English myself and although have lived in America for a decade I still find the English way of buying houses a little backward. Perhaps with Lease Options becoming more popular things will change. Please keep writing the articles, I really enjoy reading them.


  24. Kim Atkinson says:

    Hi Mark and Wendy,

    This is a really excellent Lease Options website. It contains all the information that a ‘wannabe’ investor like me is looking for. There seems to be a lot of competition on the Lease Options front, but nobody goes to the lengths that you do to explain the power of Lease Options. On behalf of many people in the same position as me, thank you for your hard work.


  25. Matthew says:

    What a great Lease Options website Mark. As you know I have been practising Lease Options for a short while and websites such as yours really help me further my Lease Options knowledge.
    Thank you for the work you are putting in.

  26. Tarina Joseph says:

    I love this site very much. It gives a really good understanding to those that are new to the topic of lease options and rent to buy.

    Its a shame you are not doing any more events I would like to attend if you decide to run more in the future.

    Best regards


  27. Steve says:

    Lovely website, really slick job. The lease option information is really powerful. Thank you. Steve

  28. Melissa Burch says:


    I am not one to comment usually but I have been compelled by the excellent knowledge and service provided by Lease Options Made Simple. I have bought the eBook which contains an incredible amount of information and someone even called me to make sure I had received it when I bought it. The blogs and articles on the website are concise and make the point whilst leaving you enough room to make you think about the situation. If you are quite serious about using Lease Options to invest in property then you really shouldnt look any further.


    Novice to Lease Options investor in 12 months!

  29. Simon Broad says:

    Hi Mark and Wendy,

    Thanks for the fantastic lease options website. I have found it very useful learning about the way you both started in property and how you share the same lease option passion but coming from two totally different backgrounds. I think you are very generous in the information you supply in your blogs and I really hope I can take advantage myself and leave the day job behind. My goal is to be a self sufficient lease option landlord within 24 months and be able to spend more time with my young family. I highly recommend your eBook to anyone that is serious about lease options.

    Hope to be in touch soon.

    Simon B

  30. Tayo says:

    Can you recommend a ‘standard’ residential Lease Agreement (AST) with an Option to Purchase for use by a landlord?

    • Mark Jackson says:

      Hi Tayo,

      In this instance I would not recommend one no. To be able to protect both parties you will need something more substantial. To learn more about Lease Options why not take a closer look at our eBook?

      Many thanks


  31. Chris says:

    Fantastic lease options website. I have researched a few similar websites but none have the depth of lease option articles that this has. I am very impressed.

  32. Alexandra says:

    Hi Mark,

    What a great lease options website. I have learnt so much about the various lease option strategies form reading your blogs and articles. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

    Best wishes


  33. Leighton James says:

    Fantastic website Mark. So useful for the budding lease option property investor such as myself. Keep up the good work.

  34. Victoria Peters says:

    Mark, what an excellent introduction to lease options for property investors. Lease Options Made Simple is exactly that and you have helped my husband and I with our investing goals.

    Hope to be in touch again soon.


  35. John York says:

    Thank you for the information, articles and access to lease option learning material Mark. The site is packed with firework knowledge for the budding and experienced property investor. I am delighted to have had the pleasure of meeting you and learning about your site personally.

    John York

  36. George says:

    Hi there,

    very interesting site you have about lease options and rent to buy. I have never thought about this type of investment before. I always thought property investment was for those with lots of cash to put down big deposits. Seems I am wrong. Hope to learn more from you and your site in due course.

    Best wishes


  37. Vannessa Dolwyn says:

    I met you some time ago on the “property circuit” when I was looking at other ways to profit from property without having to find a whopping deposit every time I wanted to invest. Since that meeting I have sourced and acquired lease option property. I was coasting along with a 4 property portfolio, working part time and my husband working full time. Now we have 17 properties, are both living off the income full time and really enjoying our life again. Thank you for your help, your guidance and your attention. Lease options investing has changed our lives immeasurably.

    Best wishes

    Vanessa and Graham.

  38. Amy Reece says:

    Hi Mark,

    What a fantastic Lease Options website. I have been reading through your articles and blogs and cannot believe the amount of information you are giving away for free!

    I am starting to attend a property networking evening once a month – do you ever visit some of the PIN meetings?

    Best wishes


  39. Mike Bunford says:

    Lease Options Made Simple, it certainly is. I considered myself a seasoned property investor until I met you earlier this year. Lease options have changed everything I thought I knew and I am delighted to endorse not only this website but Mark and his methods.

    I had a portfolio of 4 properties prior to meeting Mark and it took me 3 years to acquire them. In the 5 months I have known Mark he has helped me add another 3 properties which are even more profitable than the ones I had already.

    I cannot recommend lease options highly enough.

    Best wishes


  40. Clive Moore says:

    Hi Mark,

    I wanted to take this opportunity to add a personal testimonial.

    I purchased a mentoring course from you almost a year ago and it has completely changed my life. I worked in IT before and had no experience in purchasing property or being a landlord. You have helped me give up my day to day grind of being in an office and I now lead a fulfilled, free life. Above all else I now see my family!

    Regardless of your situation, if you genuinely want to make a difference to you future you should consider investing with Mark Jackson.

    All the best


  41. Stephen Byas says:

    Hi there, I wanted to just write and say thank you for all of the lease options information you continue to put on your website. I have been a landlord for some time and would like to slow my working life whilst maintaining my income for my family. We have always bought property in the traditional manner as we didnt know any different. However, now it seems there is a much easier way to profit from property investment. I am certainly going to be investing in your eBook and perhaps we will speak again soon.

    Stephen Byas, Hampshire

  42. Maddie Jameson says:

    Hi Mark,

    This is an exceptional lease options website. I have looked at a number of lease option educators and I like your style and approach the most. I have bought your eBook which I cannot recommend enough and I am really looking forward to developing our relationship in time.

    Best wishes


  43. James McDonald says:

    This is such a great lease options resource, I can really relate to the way you talk about property and the passion you have for lease options. Keep up the great work!

    Many thanks


  44. Sergei says:


    Thank you for the site. It is an excellent place for me to learn more about lease options and rent to buy strategies. I am slowly understanding why lease options is the new buzz word around property. The ability to profit from property you do not own and be able to help those that want to be free of the burden of home ownership is so exciting. I am thinking of buying your book to get me started. Hope to speak soon.


  45. Kate Higgs says:

    Hi Mark,

    I wanted to add a personal testimonial to your site after the incredible help and support you have given to me. As a novice property investor I was unsure about Lease Options at first. The method of controlling and profitting from property you don’t own seemed too good to be true. Having invested some time and a little bit of money in Lease Options Made Simple I now understand how powerful, legal and amazingly liberating this method of property investment can be when done in the right way.

    For anyone reading this, unsure of whether to take the plunge and invest in Mark and his methods, I can honestly say it will be best thing you have ever done. I did. And I am never looking back again.

    Best wishes


    • Mark Jackson says:

      Hi Kate,
      Thank you for your kind words. Lease Options work best when you a ‘do-er’ mentality and your dedication has seen you make great achievements. Keep it going!
      Warm regards

  46. Leslie Walsh says:

    Hi Mark,

    My husband and I want to invest in lease options and grow a profitable portfolio and this seems to be the best place to start. I am coming 40 and now the children are older I feel under pressure to return to full time work which I am dreading. We would like to create a passive income that allows my husband to work fewer hours and we can spend more time with the children as they go through in to secondary school.

    How can we kick this off? We have bought your eBook and want to take it to the next level.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Many thanks


  47. Geoffrey Mason says:

    This information Mark is so powerful for any lease options property investor. I have been interested in lease options and rent to buy situations for some time but I have never seen such a complete amount of information for free in one place. Lease options made simple offers great articles and resources, I am delighted I have found it.

    Keep up the good work.


  48. Pam Singh Kaur says:

    What a great lease option website. How easy it is really to find people that want to rent to buy? I imagine finding the buyers is the most difficult part of the process. Is this the case?

    Pam Singh Kaur

  49. Katrina Weinland says:

    Hi Mark,

    It seems like lease options is the latest buzz word on the property scene right now. I have been researching lease options for a while and this site seems to be the best place to learn.

    I am a complete lease options novice so any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.



  50. Bob Granger says:

    Hi Mark,

    Great lease options website. We met some time ago and this has really developed in to something special. If any budding lease option investor needs a place to start – this is it! The help you gave me was invaluable so the least I can do is give you a testimony.

    Best wishes


  51. MR says:

    Hi. I found this website by accident and have read with interest. I have been a property investor and have a portfolio of over 30 props that I agreed to lease option just over 12 months ago as I lived far from them and family commitments meant I wasn’t able to dedicate enough time. I have just been handed these back with no notice despite the fact that our contracts demand 3 months notice, several of them need considerable work done as they were not properly maintained and 1/3 of the portfolio is untenanted since the lessor chose to allow them to remain empty to try to market them for rent to buy and of course ended up without enough cash flow. So I am in a difficult situation due to a rogue investor who has not complied with the terms of the contract and while it has penalties for such a breach the practicalities of imposing these are very difficult. So beware!! I am looking for another person interested in taking on a lease option on these so feel free to reply or contact me if you know of anyone interested. The properties are mainly in the NE. Thanks.

    • Mark Jackson says:


      Thank you for comment on the Lease Options Made Simple website. I am sorry to hear of your experience. My assistant David has sent an email directly to you so we can assist you further.

      Look forward to hearing from you.


  52. Alex says:

    Just to say that this is a fantastic website and is very informative in regards to lease options. From someone who had no idea what a lease option was, I have bought Mark’s book Lease Options Made Simple and I now not only know how these fantastic options work but am also looking to seek out my first one.

  53. Louise Jones says:

    Really fantastic info can be found on this lease options site.

  54. Jane Simpson says:

    Had to add another comment. I think this is a marvelous way to go. Rent To Buy contracts are very affordable and attractive to the prospect. Its an easy way to get into a home. Thanks for your information.

    Best wishes

    Jane Simpson

  55. Thomas Jones says:

    Mark, what a great site you have. The information on Lease Option Investing, Using Lease Options and Rent to Buy is invaluable. I’ve been reading through your resources as well and would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in lease options to spend some time there.

    Best wishes


  56. Lucy Varndell says:

    Hi Mark,

    Great website. Thanks for all your lease option advice recently too. Very helpful.


  57. Steve Morse says:

    Hi guys,

    Felt compelled to leave a post. What you are doing is very commendable – of course you are plugging your lease option handbooks and courses – but apart from that you are providing so many free resources, the like of which no other investor or educator would consider.

    I for one have learnt more on your site than through any other course purchased with people who proclaim to be industry experts. I know what I am asking my wife to get me for my upcoming birthday!



  58. David Clarkson says:

    Hi Mark,

    I didnt realise that lease option investing, using lease options and rent to buy could be boiled down so simply. I can imagine that following your principles bring results, but ignoring them will be a waste of time.

    Are you doing any more weekend speaking events?


  59. Britteny Welford says:

    As an American living in the UK, I knew a little about Lease Options but I have to say Mark you take this to another level. Most people believe buying property and creating wealth from it is out of their reach but this shows that real people, like me, can profit from property I dont even own!

    How great is that to know my dead end job could realistically come to an end…permanently.

    Thanks for providing this resource.


  60. James Mace says:

    Very good site, great lease option resource. Refreshing to see property being dealt with an honest and transparent way.

  61. Quinton Kowalski says:

    I am new to investing in lease options and havent had a chance to explore your site fully yet – I am actually at work, doing ajob I hate hence the reason I want to learn how to invest in property.

    Do you have any useful material I could download or buy at all?


  62. Anthony James says:

    I’ve read through all the rest of the comments and this might appear a bit strange but I need to sell my house because we are in financial dificulty and wondering if you or someone reading could help us. We have had it on the market for a while with an agent but to be frank they seem completely useless. We can’t drop the price because we will be left with a mortgage to pay. I have read this lease option stuff and I think it may be ou saviour. We sell to someone who pays our mortgage for 5 years then buys it at the end. We are going to stay with my mum or a while and have no intention of buying again. Could you help us please?

    Anthony James, Cardiff.

    • Mark Jackson says:

      Hi Anthony, thank you for taking the time to comment. Yes, I may be able to help.

      I work with some very good investors in South Wales and know the area very well myself. We would need more information about your situation of course but I have sent you an email personally with my contact details so we can discuss further.


  63. Gemma says:

    Great website, lots of useful information. Well done. And good comments from other readers too. Like it.

  64. David Klein says:

    Hi there,

    You say on this page that we should spend some time with you to avoid the costly mistakes you have made. I am wondering what your top five tips would be to avoid the pain you suffered.


    • Mark Jackson says:

      Hi David, and what a good question! I would have to say:
      1. Learn quickly how to spot a good lease option deal…and of course a dead duck. You can never get back lost time.

      2. Home in on motivated sellers only. If you have to work hard to convince someone a lease option is right for them they are not motivated enough.

      3. Keep things simple.

      Confusion makes the mind say ‘no’

      4. Be clear on your strategy. If it works as a rent to buy then focus on that only. Focus brings results.

      5. Ask the right questions. You need to know the sellers’ situation…but you do not need unnecessary information. Remain clear on what information you need

      Hope that helps


  65. Lucy Wickson says:

    What a fantastic site. Full of information, tips and advice. Please keep adding more stories to inspire me some more.

  66. Zach Gilchrist says:

    Woh I love your articles, saved to bookmarks on my browser for sure.

  67. Danae says:

    Lease option property investing is something I have wanted to get into for a couple of years and i’ve bought the courses, been to the seminars and still not been able to get stuck in. I can see it’s a brilliant way to invest in property – but something was just missing. Well – I want to say I got your book just a week ago … and its got me thinking in a whole different way. It’s what the doctor ordered! I can’t recommend that little Lease Option book too highly. And thanks for a great Lease options site!

  68. Shona says:

    I don’t really comment on web sites but wanted to let you know this stuff has got me into investing and I already have 4 properties that I would never have had without the information on your site. I love lease options and rent to buy property investment!

  69. Les Swan says:

    The age of Rent to Buy is upon us! Cheers mate for some great info.

  70. Andrew Friend says:

    Hi Mark,

    We spoke the other day and I wanted to say how much I valued your time and your experience. Hope to speak again soon when I have more deals to do!

    Andy Friend

  71. Esera Dixon says:

    Great information here. Good work.

  72. Denise Davies says:

    Great website, I really enjoyed browsing through.

  73. Jocelyn Maceever says:

    Great site and powerful too. I cannot secure any more funding for property purchases but the three I have aren’t satisfying the appetite I have to grow my portfolio. This is very interesting stuff Mark.

    J Maceever

  74. John Maiden says:

    Hi Mark,

    I have been reading your site for a while and am still confused by who would be attracted by a lease option. I have been trying to find motivated sellers for a while but I think I may be missing them. One person I found locally to me for example needed to sell because they were experiencing financial difficulty. They had about nine thouand pounds equity which they needed out but the cash flow every month means I wouldnt make any money for the best part of 3 and a half years. What am I doing wrong?


  75. Lorraine White says:

    I find this subject fascinating. I came across your blog when I searched the question “what is a lease option?” I would say that your website answers that question really well.
    I particularly like the fact that lease options can work in a slow market and can give the seller huge advantage over other sellers when competition is high. I am trying to sell a house I own which is empty and could do with some help from you. Is there an e-mail address a great for some help in selling my house on a lease option?

    Thanks in advance,


    • Mark Jackson says:

      Hello Lorraine,

      many thanks for your kind words about our website and we are very pleased you find it useful. With respect to your question about help when selling your house on a lease option why not drop us a line. You can contact us on mark@lease options made simple dot co dot uk.

      Best regards


  76. Robert S says:

    There are some problems with property lease options and it’s great to see you mention them on your web site.
    This lease options site is really for the lease option investor and doesn’t really say much about the property seller. I would like to see a list of investors who are mistreating sellers – can you do that? It would be great to name and shame them so lease option deals don’t fall into their hands. I have recently been told a few lease option horror stories and would like to see sellers better protected too.

    • Mark Jackson says:

      Hi Robert,

      Yes – you are right. Only this week I was chatting to a seller with a big property in North Wales. She didn’t even get lease option paperwork from her ‘investor-buyer’ and has had a terrible journey. Although she mentioned the name of the investors concerned, it would possible not be right to publish them here. I will be pleased to tell you in a private conversation, though, so you can avoid rogue investors which are giving the lease options industry a poor name.

  77. Kristine Bednarski says:

    I love the valuable information you provide in your articles. I have bookmarked your blog and will come back here again. I especially love the focus on finding ethical solutions for people with property problems! I plan to keep coming back – I’m sure I will keep learning loads of new lease opitons stuff here! Thanks again.


  78. Kevin M says:

    I got to your site by typing lease options into google.

    I think Rent to Buy is a brilliant idea and I have already followed your advice and sold one of my own portfolio this way.

    I am stuck on another property I want to sell though – its just getting the figures to work for me and the buyer. Would you be able to help me if I send in details?



  79. Harvey says:

    Hi Mark,
    Stumbled onto your site while searching for “over a week” on lease option information, and can honestly say, your site is by far the best! you explain every thing so clear and in plain English, and the site is v easy to navigate.
    I really want to start lease options to improve my family’s lifestyle but please Mark could you explain why a lease option is good for the vendor? What’s the USP,to a vendor?

    After all, could a vendor simply not rent his own property out, and then make a monthly cash flow, on top of his mortgage payments, and then also make money on any growth in the property all at the same time also? and then sell in 5 years time.
    Does the hand book explain why its a good deal for a vendor.
    Thanks for your time Mark.

    • Mark Jackson says:

      HI Harvey,

      Delighted to get your question and thank you very much for your kind words about the lease options information here on the site.

      It’s great to hear that you are looking at lease option investing to improve your family’s life style.

      Lease options can be a great solution for the vendor because they can give peace of mind and freedom. For some people in certain circumstances a lease option, or sister strategy, allows them to move on very quickly and to free themselves of what has become a noose, a burden, or a dead weight. There are a number of situations where this is true – but the underlying principle is that the seller has an unwanted property.

      It can be very difficult to make property investing succeed, and for those with little experience or a mind full of other things, managing tenants or caring for an empty property is emotionally draining. Your lease option solution can take the headache away.
      When you are talking to vendors, focus on the peace of mind and freedom your solution brings. Remember it is much more about the people than it is about the property.

      The Lease Options Investor Handbook goes into much more detail about this. I would warmly recommend you invest in a copy.

      Hope that helps.


  80. Ronan says:

    Really loving this Lease Options stuff. Why don’t more people know about this? I think what you say about it being important for a lease option or extended completion to be good for both the seller and the owner is right. I am just completing on my first lease option deal – a neighbours house – and I have been able to help her with this information and your options book. Cheers!

  81. Bridgette says:

    This actually covers some really important points for anyone in the UK who wants to invest using lease options. It is one thing to be able to agree deals with distressed sellers, but another thing to do the lease options business and use them to invest over the medium to long term. Great teaching here. A really solid resource for anyone wanting to invest in property today. Thanks

  82. Veronica Davies says:

    I just wanted to say have agreed my first lease option today. Thanks to you and your handbook. I just did what it said and got a brilliant result! I just love investing with options!

  83. Jason S says:

    I am an investor living in Birmingham and wanted to say I am having great success by using your lease option strategies. I had loads of questions too, especially about the legal side of lease options and the agreements you used. I found all the answers in your eBook on lease options – it’s just a brilliant resource for anyone who wants to use property options to invest in the UK.

    Would be great to meet up!

  84. Sam says:

    Very interesting info! Perfect just what I was looking for!

  85. Sarah B says:

    Hi. I have been investing in property for five years but this property option site is all new to me. Really wanted to say I have mentioned the site to a number of other investors and am keen to start using these investing strategies in my hometowm of Newport. I love the idea of Rent to Own – or Rent to Buy and have already been able to sell two properties to tenant buyers using your tenant buyer system in the book and the course. Thanks for your help in making such a great investing strategy simple!

  86. Kate G says:

    I have started property investment with lease options and want to say that there are two things that have helped me. This website and your book on lease options property. I found it really easy to apply and the advice on structuring lease option deals helped. I have agreed two deals, and by concentrating on my local area, am sure I can get a proper property investment business up and running soon. I want to leave the day job.
    Kate (I Love Lease Options!)

  87. Colin Cousins says:

    Normally I don’t really get much good info from blogs, but I would like to say that this site is different and compelling! Your writing style is just so easy to read and understand! Thanks, for a great lease options investing site and some great articles! I love the stuff on rent to buy and am selling a property now using it. Thanks again!

  88. Sade the property investor says:

    I have been really inspired to take action by your lease option articles and the simple style of your blog. I am now investing in lesae options thanks to your lease options book – which I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to get started with lease option property investment. Keep up the nice high quality writing, it is rare to find so much free information in an accessible form like this! My life (an my income) has changed thanks to property investment using lease options.

    • Mark Jackson says:

      Many thanks for those kind words Sade. Very pleased you enjoyed the lease options book too.

      We wish you success in your Lease options investing journey. Just let us know what we can do to help, for instance, joint venturing on a deal with you.


  89. lena says:

    This site really does make property lease option investing simple. I used to think that property investing was only for people with deep pockets. now I see it differently. I love the way your site makes property investing so easy and simple.

    • Mark Jackson says:

      Hi Lena,

      Very pleased to hear your comments. We aim to make investing in property with lease options as simple and as safe as possible. It is an amazing industry which can benefit both investor and seller. We love helping people in this way and are very pleased our Lease Options Site helps you.


  90. Edgar Estate Agents says:

    Great work from your team. I’ve kept in mind stuff you’ve written before, and used it. It really works! Just plain and simple property investment information. Excellent. I really like what you’ve brought here and the way in which through which you say it. You’re making it interesting and entertaining and you keep it really simple and sensible. I can’t wait to learn far more from you. That is a wonderful web site.

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    A great site. I am using a lease option to sell a property I own. Could do with some help. Would you be interested in walking me through it?

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    Great introduction to Lease Option property investment and I would love to read more on your lease options blog about lease option power plays or lease option strategies. Can we have a series of articles on the property option strategies you use?

  97. Mark Parker says:

    I have spent some time trying to decide which lease options education to invest in. There are so many – and some are very expensive! I like the look of your lease options investor book. What would you say makes it different to other lease option resources? It seems a little expensive. Do you ever have offers and sell it cheaper?


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    Let’s see more information on Lease Option Strategies and deals you have done.

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  100. Oscar Lorenco says:

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  101. Salli L says:

    I have been trying to use lease options for a while now, and spent a lot of money on a course which didn’t teach me a fraction of the stuff I have found for free on your site. Then I bought your lease options investor handbook. I want to say that the way it is written, and the really simple clear lease option advice it just the tops. This is the best lease option education I have found on the internet for the UK.

  102. Frank says:


    Just wanted to say that I am really excited about the way you are using lease options.
    I liked this comment – “A lease option can enable you to generate a monthly income from property you babysit but don’t own.” It’s just an amazing way to invest in property!

    I also heard about your event in May in London – a friend told me she was there and it was packed with practical and useful information!

    Thanks for sharing!

  103. Frank Fawcett says:

    I’ve been looking for lease options information for some time now – and found your site through the search engine ‘Bing’. I have to say I am impressed. Not only are lease options explained simply, but you are generous in the way you share your ideas. I’ve spent loads of time on the site but only just discovered the Lease options handbook. I bought it without thinking twice and am sure I will enjoy it as much if not more than the site!
    Thank you.

  104. Mark Morgan says:

    I really want to get into lease options investing and think I’ve cracked it now! Brilliant information here. I’ve bookmarked your site and would love to know when your next event is. I missed the recent one in London.

  105. Diana Johnson says:

    I live in Australia but plan to come back to the UK in 2011. We are familiar with lease options over here, but didn’t realise it was so popular in the UK too. What is the best way to contact you for support and training?

    • Mark Jackson says:

      Hi Diana,

      We already have a few students who have come back from Australia and are already using our strategies and techniques to build a property portfolio without mortgages or deposits. We would be delighted to hear from you too. Just write us at info at lease options made simple dot co do uk and we will get straight back to you.


  106. Alice says:

    Amazing! This is just what I have been searching for! Thanks for sharing, where can I find out more?

    • Mark Jackson says:

      Hi Alice,

      Have you checked out our investor handbook? It’s a brilliant resource if you want to use lease options and comes with a Jump Start kit which is full of really useful stuff to get you going.



  107. A Holmes says:

    I just love the useful information I got from this site! I really want to know more about lease options because I’m thinking of renting out a property. Thanks again!

  108. Adrian says:

    Hi Mark,

    I’m looking forward to your 2 day event on May 14th and 15th.

    See you there.


  109. Carl Hunter says:

    I Appreciate the work you have put into this post, it helps clear away a number of questions I had. Please keep up the good work!


  110. Douglas says:

    Wonderful blog! Thanks for all your hard work. It’s a really valuable resource for anyone wanting to invest in Property Using Lease Options.

  111. Hugh says:

    Great site which I have viewed a lot! I wish to start increasing my portfolio and/or cash flow using Lease Options – however there is one main thing I still am not clear on….

    My initial intention is to find properties that people are trying to sell but can’t, due to poor condition. I have two local builders who are happy to refurb a property, but wait until we sell to take the profit from the deal. So my plan would be to find a property with market value of say 150K, that needs say 5K of refurb to make it saleable. I would get an option on it for say 120K over 4 months, with the entitlement to refurb. Once the builders had done their thing, I would market it with local agents, and accept say 140K giving me and the builder 15K profit to split between us. Do this once a month and we are rich!

    But what I can’t yet get my head around is how the legal process will work for the sale. Do I have to exercise my option first, and buy the property for 120K (with a mortgage or bridge) before marketing with the estate agent? Then our buyer might get into problems with raising a mortgage since we the Sellers have not owned the property for six months. Or do we assign the option to the buyer that the EA finds. If that is the case, they will be operating on the basis of a 120K purchase and a 20K assignment fee to me, which means their cash outlay (20K fee plus say 20% (=24K) deposit for 120K purchase) would be 44K rather than a 20% deposit on a 140K purchase (=28K). This cash outlay would probably prove too much for most purchasers. Also if the financial shenanigons seem complex, it may well put off potential buyers (and Estate Agents!). So how will all this side of things work? I need it to be absolutely clear in my mind before I take the plunge!

    • Mark Jackson says:

      Great to hear from you Hugh, and thanks for your interesting question. This is one of the lease option strategies we will be discussing at our May Lease Options Live Investor event in London, Heathrow, and would love to meet you there in person! We will also be able to introduce you to experienced solicitors who will be pleased to work with you on a legal, ethical and profitable solution to your question. You can find out more about the event here:

      Warm regards,


  112. Frank Gilbride says:

    Hi Mark,

    Love the new website. It’s jam packed full of priceless information to help everyone in this field drive forward their lease options business.

    keep up the good work.



    • Mark Jackson says:

      Thanks Frank!

      I think I owe you a call. – It’s on my list for today.

      I have a few Lease Option leads come in from Scotland – and would love to see if you can help with them. Planning a trip up that way soon.



  113. Lesley A Jones says:

    I love your site and all the information is so useful and ‘simple’ to understand. I’m currently working my way through your book and the more I read the more questions I have. Once I’ve read it to the end and then worked my way through the on-line information, I’ll come back to you again with any questions I cant find answers to.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Mark Jackson says:

      Hi Lesley,

      Thanks for getting in touch, and very pleased to see you are enjoying the Lease Option Investor Handbook.

      Please feel free to jot down any questions you have – and perhaps other readers of the book could do the same – and send them to us at We’ll do our best to answer them all, perhaps in a special on-line question and answer session.

      Thanks again.


  114. Martin Lawson says:

    I’m going to add to the comments above by saying that I’ve recently purchased Mark’s PDF concerning sourcing option deals via estate agents (created with Wendy Patton).

    I’m currently exploring a completely different strategy via estate agents but have started to also come across possible option deals in the process. I recommend this introductory guide to sourcing option deals via agents to anyone – short enough to be a handy guide, long enough to cover all the essentials. Mark – you might want to put a link up here for anyone wishing to buy?

    Martin Lawson

    PS. After you’ve visited the Sussex property group why don’t you pop over to the Kent Property Club in Medway?!

    • Mark Jackson says:

      Hi Martin,
      Delighted that you found the information in the Estate Agents PDF useful. Here is the link in case anyone would like to know a little more about it…

      We may just take you up on your offer to visit the Kent Property Club in Medway… Wendy will be here in May, and we hope to get down that way before our event. When and where will the May meeting be?



  115. Julie Hanson says:

    Hi Mark,

    I wanted to leave you a comment to say how fantastic your new site looks.

    It’s fresh and clean and contains so much information about Lease Options. I’ll be having a good look around.

    Well done!

    Kind regards,


    • Mark Jackson says:

      Hi Julie,

      Thank you!

      Yes – this site is definitely more fitting than the previous one. Wendy and I very much want it to be a real help and resource for the serious lease option investor.

      Congratulations are in order to you too, with your growing portfolio, which includes lease option property!

      Keep coming back.

      Kind regards,


  116. Dwayne says:

    Hi Mark,

    I was recommended to read this website by a solicitor who specialises in option agreements. I have been reading it for the most part of the day and I have to admit that the info on this website is extremely useful. I especially enjoy the fact that you have provided details about the potential impacts about lease options. Something that is not covered by other books or teachers and in turn gives an opportunity to develop a more water-tight portfolio.

    Please keep this level of detail up, it is necessary for all investors!!!



    • Mark Jackson says:

      Hi Dwayne,

      Delighted to hear that.
      Please keep coming back often. We really want to provide a comprehensive and reliable resource for all investors working with property lease options. Watch out for some articles from trusted lease option solicitors soon too.

  117. Sean Toole says:

    Hi Mark,

    I love your new web site, its clean, modern and theres lots of great content.

    Would be great to work with you more closely and show the attendees at the Sussex Property Networking Club a thing or two about Lease Options!

    Please call me for a further chat,

    Well done on the web site, I will be coming back for more!

    Kind regards

    Sean Toole

    • Mark Jackson says:

      Very pleased you like it Sean! Thanks for your comment. Hope to see you at the Sussex Property Networking Club soon. I’ve heard that it is going to be the biggest in the UK!

  118. Kevin says:

    Hi Mark,

    Just a quick note to say how much I have been enjoying the new website.

    The amount of information is fantastic. It’s not just quantity either, its exceptional quality.

    Keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing more from you.

    Best Regards


  119. Ian MacCorquodale says:

    I have just discovered your site and am excited by the amount of information that you have made available.
    I am keen to learn as much as possible about lease options so that I can go out as soon as possible and do this type of business. I would certainly be interested in hearing more from you especially regarding any training aids that may be available once your shop site is set up.
    I have just printed off loads of your articles and am looking forward to settling down and taking the time to digest them.
    Meanwhile many thanks for the information so far, it is a great site – well done.


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